Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD. offers 10% discount on comprehensive & non-comprehensive maintenance services to support your critical power and electronic equipment to run 24x7 backup to industry and commercial centers.


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Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD is one of the best Luminous Inverter Dealers in Mumbai . We have a different inverter battery capacity from 60 AH to 220 AH of Flat, Tubular, Tall Tubular, and GEL Types with a warranty of 30 months to 75 months. Luminous inverter are optimally designed for Long and frequent power cuts, long life, low maintenance and rugged container. Luminous Inverter is a pure Sinewave home UPS with features such as Intelligent Water Level Indication which helps a consumer for hassle-free tracking of the water level in the battery. Pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and helps in saving on electricity bills. You can buy a Luminous Pure Sinewave home UPS from one of the finest Luminous Inverter Dealers in Mumbai It comes with an automatic long backup system with an instant switch on whenever there is a power failure indicator. Enjoy non-stop power supply with a Luminous home inverter which can be delivered immediately. When the main power supply is restored the battery is put on recharge, ready for the next unexpected power interruption.

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Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD is one of the authorized luminous inverter dealers in Mumbai. The battery is sealed in a plastic housing giving it a sleek look. Luminous inverter In Mumbai come with excellent charge acceptance making it ideal for locations with frequent and extended power interruptions. Some of the noteworthy features include gas recombination, cyclic use, safety value filter, lead calcium alloy and ultra-low self-discharge. The battery is used for various applications including UPS, solar, telecom, lantern, power stations and more.

Feature APC Online Ups

  • High efficiency

  • Intelligent Battery Management

  • Optional additional Battery Packs

  • Built-in Energy Meter

  • Best-in-class Power Density

  • Rack / Tower Convertible